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Muddy Fun

Good morning all,
Congratulations to Debs Gardner on her 59-28 Stroke Association 10k yesterday at a muddy Delamere Forest.


An American Tale 2 - BAC goes West!

Good morning all,
Congratulations to
Pauline Roberts  1-59-26
Brian Lines      2-24-48
Margaret Delaney 2-26-16
Christine Champney 2-34-25
lesley lines     2-37-08
On completing yesterdays New York half Marathon


The Next Borders

Good morning all,
The next Borders league race is this coming Sunday. The race starts from Mold Sports centre and has a 11am start.
As usual we, as a club, are looking for runners for this event.
We are short of 3 men runners and 4 lady runners, if you can help please let Andy Waring know. The race is approximately 8.8 k
Convoy to leave top of Thornton Road at 9-15an, if travelling independently please let Andy know
Many thanks,


Results Required

Good morning all,
Can you send any race results, for this year, to me please and continue to do so.
I can use these for the web site, "Wear the vest" competition and the Equaliser competitions
Mant thanks,


Borders League - Prestatyn

Good morning all, 
On Sunday morning the club was again involved in the Borders
League at Ffrith beach (Prestatyn).  On a cold and wet morning 4 male
members set off and found the venue and then to the course.  Glad the
wind was not from the sea as it was against the prom.  A challenging
two lap course around the Ffrith park and prom down to the Nova centre
and back was hard work into the wind!!!


138th Andy Waring
194th Ian Sneddon
195th Rob Price
247th Percy Hogg

It was a battle between Ian and Rob who will take the honours at the
next event on the 22/3 hosted by Wrecsam Tri - think at Mold and hope
to have a full team out again.  Numbers down by all clubs today after
the first three races of 300plus runners, only 248 ran today so could
of been ideal to put points on the board.




Well Done!

Well done to Ian McNeil for being the 1st in his age group a the Port Sunlight 5km on Sunday, 2016 date could be 28/2 which will hit the calendar of other club events.



An American Tale

Hi Norman,
Here’s my Napa story:-
The summary-
Beautiful day, fast course in perfect conditions so probably the last time I will go under 3.30. The body held together so nothing new is broken but what was ‘iffy’ before still is. Painful last 5 miles. Pretty even pace. 3 hrs., 29 min, 3 sec. A good day.
The full report-
A beautiful day, cool, 40’s at the start, mid 60’s by the finish. A little wind & not much by the finish. Clean fresh air, no clouds. Sun was coming up at the start, initially with lots of shadows & running into the sun which was blinding at times, happy to be wearing sunglasses! However when the sun was fully up it was fine. Gorgeous scenery, vineyard after vineyard. Not quite as drop dead gorgeous as Big Sur but idyllic and almost magical, certainly when compared with Chicago at this time of year! Rolling hills but nothing steep, an overall downhill course & great conditions promised a fast race.
Ran the 1st 14m with Bob Jungwirth, crossing the 13.1 only 4min behind my Bahamas ½ time. Just about held the pace for the second ½, drifted a bit with just a 3 min slower 2nd half in 1.46. Succeeded in running the 8 min planned pace (7.59!).  Started with gloves and a long sleeved T. Stashed the gloves in my shorts around m  6 and ditched the T at m 8, ran the rest in a singlet. My pre-race worries of foot & calf issues were confirmed. They were ‘talking’ to me by mile 5 or so but luckily they held out & didn’t progress to unbearable or worse. The quads started to tighten just after midway and by mile 21/22 the feet were really painful from the distance & pounding. As the sign said, “your feet hurt because your kicking ass”. No blisters though J! The last 5 miles just hurt. I felt ok with energy from the waist up but below that just pain. In fact the energy level was so good I didn’t take the 5th gel I brought along, 4 was fine. There were enough water / Gatorade stops along the way about every two miles. Felt terrible at the finish, the medical guys kept asking if I was alright. I was spent! Just got one calf cramp afterwards and as usual I was caked in salt crystals. They had some great vegetable soup at the finish, I had two cups! After the first cup & sitting down & talking to another guy I actually started to feel almost ok.
After a cold shower I drove to San Francisco, met up with my son,  Laurence and walked a bit around  Golden Gate Park. Another wonderful place. The walk was probably good for the legs. Monday morning, ‘the morning after’ so to speak, is the true test of the situation. The quads were normally post marathon sore. So ok and I should be able to walk downstairs normally  by Thursday! Left calf has the same tightness as before the race as does the pain in the ball of my left foot. So it seems no major damage has been done. The thing to do now is to rest up this week with some walks and easy short runs and see how it goes.
Overall a wonderful race. The smell of fresh cut grass was very pleasant. I was happy with my time & position. Top 10% in Age group and tip 12.5% approx. overall. 10th/96 in AG is not that surprising when I’m 6 months from the next group, though having said that the winner was also my age & finished in a mind blowing 2.50! I qualified for Boston with 10 minutes to spare in my current ag and a whopping 25 min for the 2016 race, that was very pleasing. The splits were good. See the details in the statistics. The mile 19 pick-up was because I got caught & started chatting to a guy & picked it up, however I couldn’t hold him.
Early on in the race I talked to another Brit over from Bodmin in Cornwall on holiday to escape the Bodmin hills! Turns out he was my age & finished in 4.03.21. My Union Jack shorts got a few comments as usual and I actually even got one “nice T-Shirt” comment.
Unfortunately the time is not a 2017 BQ so I have to qualify again for that race, hopefully after the memory of the pain has receded. I’m thinking of a fall marathon this year, like Chicago or Marne Corps and then London in 2016 as a fall back for Boston In 2017. Though I could do Boston in 2016 and use that as a 2017 qualifier if I don’t get into London. All these lottery entry marathons are a real pain in the planning process. I can fully understand why some runners refuse to get involved with them & stick to smaller races where they are in control of the entry process. Oh well we shall see. Right now it’s time for RnR or “sit back and relax” as the flight attendants say…………
The Statistics:-
3.29.03, 7.59 av pace. 9/96 in ag, 224/1888 overall, 179th male/981, 98th male master/ 623. Which means 2/3rd s of the guys were over 40……………..
1/2marathon time 1.42.54, 7.52 pace which means I was just 14 sec a mile and 3min and 9 seconds slower in the second half. Pretty happy with that.
BQ by 10 minutes in 55-59 age group but 25 min in 60-64, i.e. 2016!


Borders League

Good afternoon all,   
The next race will take place on Sunday 8th March at Ffrith Beach
with a 2 lap route around the Ffrith park area and the prom 8.8km. 
Start is at 11am on the Ffrith avenue and finish is in the same area.
Facilities are in the Frith bowling centre include food and toilets,
plenty of parking but members should share if possible.

I will leave Thornton Road at 0900 to allow plenty of time to get to
the venue.  If the Bromborough/Eastham gang want to share and meet us
at the venue please let me know.

All please inform Andy if attending.

Thanks Norman


Port Sunlight 10k

Another Age group podium finish for Margaret Delaney at Todays Port Sunlight 10k. She was 2nd, unfortunately no prize
plus Norman Grundy's age group finish of 2nd



Tony Barnes Memorial

Good afternoon all,
The Tony Barnes Memorial, Sefton Park 5 mile race is on Wednesday 22nd July with a 7-30pm start.
You can now enter on line.
See you all at Port Sunlight 10k tomorrow


Birchwood XC

Good evening
                      The last in the series of XC races took place on
Sunday 22nd Feb at Birchwood Forest, Warrington, a tough 4 lap muddy
circuit with the lack of rain recently we got away with running through
a pond!!!
Patrik Corrigan, Ian McNeil, Andy Waring and Ian Sneddon took on the
challenge and with the weather changing we managed to finish before the
rain/sleet/snow arrived.
Well done to Patrik who completed the grand slam and did every race,
and thanks to Steve Saunders who ran most and provided the results for
the whole series.

The shoes are now getting cleaned ready for a well earned 7 month rest.


Andy Waring


Rhyl 10K

CONGRATULATIONS to Pauline Roberts 1st in her age group and to Margaret Delaney 3rd in her age group at yesterdays Rhyl 10 mile race



Parbold Hill

Another sell out field for last Saturday's Parbold Hill race.
With a 2.00pm start the race began in near perfect conditions, with no
breeze, blue skies, sunshine and very mild conditions.
At 6.75 miles across a mixture of roads, trials, cross country, styles
and even hay bales to contend with, this is a real 'pot-pourri' of a   
race, a good test and a run I always look forward to.
From the off you are faced with steady but prolonged climbs which set
you up nicely, not, for Parbold Hill itself !!
Two lone wolves on this occasion represented BAC, myself and Ian
Given the ever changing terrain and constant undulating nature of the
course pacing is key to a decent time at Parbold.
I was pleased to finish in a time of 52mins 37secs. Ian ran a good race
too, coming home in a very respectable 56mins.
All good preparation for this Sunday's final XC race.




Tony Bobby Memorial

Good evening all,

The above race is planned for Friday 10th April 2015 at the Bebington Oval, with a 7pm start.

Entry to the track and race is completely free.

Before Margaret books the track can you ALL give me some indication as to whether you can
attend or run.

Many thanks



X-Country Race Report

Good evening
                      On a chilly (flippin freezing) morning the XC men
and woman went to Beacon park for the annual hill/mud run and we had a
whale of a time.  The air was nearly as blue as my fingers!!!!  How
the girls doing the free massages could do it got me, how they found
the legs of runners must of been a challenge.

56th Patrik Corrigan
90th Ian McNeil
115th Andy Waring
132nd Ian Sneddon

67th Maria Haigh

Last race of the season is at Birchwood on the 22/02/15.



More Congratulations!

Good evening all.
Congratulations to Michael Derbyshire on becoming a first time Grandfather to a beautiful grandson.



Congratulations to Debs on becoming a Grandmother. BAC wishes a warm welcome to little Harry Andrew Gardner!


Dates for your Diary

Good evening all,
A committee meeting was held last Friday to decide dates for Club organised events and the following are those dates,
20th February    Club Social at the Queens, Storeton Road,
10th April       Tony Bobby Memorial 5k track race, The Oval.
9th May          Snowdon treck
15th May         AGM and celebration of 20 years of BAC.
11th June        Club Run, venue to be decided
26th June        Club handicap,  Moreton
9th July         Club Run, venue to be decided
6th August       Club Run, venue to be decided
16th October     Autumn Social, Queens, Storeton Road.
27th December    Winter Handicap
Confirmation of all events will be sent out nearer the day.


Praise for the Borders!

"Hi: a quick note to thank you all: my first time in Birkenhead Park,
and I enjoyed it hugely.

I thought your organisation was excellent - many thanks for the hot tea
beforehand and the hot showers afterwards.

Thanks to all the marshals and everyone who helped.

David Morris - of Deestriders"


BAC hosts Borders League at Birkenhead Park - 11/01/15

Many thanks for all the support
this morning at the Borders League race hosted by Birkenhead AC, the
initial feedback has been very positive.  The flexiblity shown by
everyone on a cold - windy day shows how far the club has gone over the
last few years.  Hearing the marshalls give out praise to all runners
proves we welcome all.  A lot of work has gone in from the first email
back in June to the last ones going tomorrow and equipment being

Thanks again to everyone

From a proud leader!!


On a personal note big thanks should go to Chairman Andy for all his time and hard work that he put in to make the race the success it was.



The Cross Country Race - Runcorn

Good evening all

Cross country 11/01/15 - two lone wolves made it from Birkenhead to
Patrik Corrigan and Steve Saunders. Another good turnout generally,
which seems to have
been the case with each of the XC runs this season.
Although chilly and breezy the weather didn't have an adverse impact on
race. The ground was, in places, a lot wetter and muddier than 
expected but
made for an authentic XC run. And of course we had the beast that is
ski slope to deal with...twice!!  Next up in the series Beacon Park
still, in most opinions, the toughest race of the series, but
paradoxically, for me anyway, the most enjoyable, the heavy gang will
be back.

Positions Patrik 65th and Steve Saunders 137th.